Thursday, July 17, 2008


I totally forgot to earlier to post about one of the better things to happen lately.

There was a tape that my mom owned when I was a teenager that a couple of fun songs on it that the whole family enjoyed. There are a lot of great memories assosciated with that music. As seems to always happen, somewhere along the line the tape got lost. At first we said that it had to be around somewhere, and then eventually we forgot about it for a while. But after a bit something sparked the memory, and all hope of finding our tape was gone.

The truly unfortunate thing was that we couldn't remember the name of the tape or of the group that did it. Without those 2 key pieces of information it can be very difficult to find what you're after. Sporadically we would search music stores, but that became less and less often. We really had no hope of ever finding that tape again.

And then early this week I went looking for something else. There's a song that's kind of been the family anthem that I decided to find online. After I showed the youtube clip of it to my mom and dad I made a comment about how you can find anything online. That's when I was challenged to find a copy of the missing tape. And so the search was on.

I was getting frustrated at my inability to locate anything and went to vent to my mom about it. She had been using what she could remember to do her own search and suggested that I take a look at what she had. There were several dead ends, but then I found an article about a group that sounded promising. They had changed their name, but under their old name they had released an album under their own record label. They didn't keep using that label, since a bigger label picked them up, so that record company is now gone. It really sounded like it might be them, I just needed to find a way to contact them.

Two nights ago I finally found it. They have a myspace page that I was able to find. I emailed them and described what I was looking for and why, and asked if it had been their project. I also asked that if it was theirs, would they please let me know how to buy a copy.

Last night I got a reply saying that my request was rather unique and if I would send them my address they would send me a copy of the CD that I was looking for. So I sent my address right away, and this morning I got a note letting me know that my CD had been mailed. And all of that was free of charge. I am so excited!

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