Thursday, September 27, 2007

And So We Begin

I started physical therapy today. The staff seems to be a great bunch of people. This should be an interesting 2 months. Right now I'm going 3 times a week.

I surprised the therapists today with my range of motion. I've been practicing moving my hand after talking to a few people who lost more range of motion than I'm willing to give up. Learning sign language has not yet been scratched off my lifetime to do list, so I need to keep my range of motion. There's still some work to be done, but I'm further along than expected.

Apparently my right hand is still weaker than my left, and since I'm right handed that's not acceptable. So I have to do stuff for strengthening. I'm not sure what all they'll have me do, today I just played with some dry pinto beans.

I was surprised how sore my wrist was at the end of the hour. I figured that with how little I did it wouldn't affect me. I'm hoping that it was the tests that got to me, not the beans. If running my hand through beans leaves me sore then I'm in way worse shape than I thought. But the hand massage at the end was great.


Celtic Rose said...

Sorry to hear about your injuries . . . what hapened? I have had a shoulder injury from work and can sympathize with you. I hope all the therapy does wonders for hands!

Jamie said...

It's really not a big deal. I had carpal tunnel surgery at the beginning of the month. I'm just ready for the recovery process to be done. Although, that means it'd be time to do the other hand, and I'm not in a hurry for that.

mielikki said...

Glad your physical therapy started so strong. I hope things come back to good quickly for you.
My mom had carpal tunnel surgery, and she has most of her movement and sensation now.