Saturday, September 29, 2007

Wrong Again

I figured out the problem. Things didn't fall apart because of a comment to my aunt. Things fell apart because I wanted to do my homework. My proof:

Tuesday afternoon I planned on working on my homework. Instead I wound up taking my great-aunt into ER.

Wednesday I planned on doing homework. I ended up driving my mom to her appointment with her therapist. Before leaving I was told that she needed to be on a 24 hour watch, and that I was responsible for the daytime shifts.

Thursday I was too overwhelmed to worry about homework. I went to physical therapy and it was great. Everything looks good, I have good range of motion, all is A-OK.

Friday as I got home from a doctor's appointment I told my mom that I had a mountain of homework to do before class in the morning. I decided that all my other plans for the evening would have to be back-burnered until I could get ready for class. And then we walked into the house.

My husband met me at the door saying that he needed to go to the hospital. Apparently he couldn't breathe and was out of inhalers. He has COPD (in addition to everything else) and breathing problems have to be taken seriously.

We arrive at the ER and I drop him off at the door before going to park. I notice the crowd inside and figure it's going to be a long wait. I hadn't really expected anything else for a Friday night.

I park the car and go in. As I walk in to the waiting room I notice a nurse standing out there, but thought nothing of it. I'm standing there filling out the registration slip when my husband notices me and says, "Oh, there's my wife." The nurse then turns and lets me know that his sats are okay and they'll be seeing him soon. Apparently they heard his breathing when he walked in and decided to check right away. It is now 7:00 p.m.

Not very long after turning the registration slip in to the triage desk they call my husband in for triage. This is a pleasant surprise, usually with a crowd this size there's a fairly long wait before you're triaged. He gets in there and the nurses start asking if the information from last time he was there is still correct. This is new, and appreciated. Previously they said that they didn't have access to records from previous visits. They tell us have a seat and we'll be called back shortly. This is a euphemism for admitting will ask to see your insurance information and in a few hours we'll come get you.

Imagine my surprise when after a very short wait we're taken to a bed for my husband. And a horde of people descend. The nurse came in and started getting Donny set up. And then the other nurse came in to do whatever she needed. And then the respiratory therapist shows up to administer a breathing treatment. And he has a student with him. And there's the lab tech to do the ex ray. And then there were a couple of people that I had no clue why they were there. I stepped around the corner for the ex ray. As I was standing there I looked at the clock. It was 7:20 p.m.

About 8:45 or 9:00 we got word that there was a little pneumonia in both lungs. The doctor said that since Donny died last time he had pneumonia they would be admitting him even though it's not that bad.

About 10:00 we were informed that there was a room for Donny, but housekeeping needed to finish cleaning it before he could be transferred. The nurse up there was supposed to call back in about 15 minutes to let them know to bring Donny on up. About a half hour later the ER nurse called to check on the room again, same story. At 11:45 I finally gave up and went home. It goes against the grain to leave a loved one in ER, but I had to be up early for class.

Tomorrow I'm going to sit in Donny's room at the hospital and do my homework. Whatever goes wrong, I'll already be there.


mielikki said...

wow the homework is cursing you. Sorry to read that Donny had to be admitted, I hope, after a few rounds of antibiotics he clears up and is released quickly. Hang in there, I'm sending positive thoughts your way!

Jamie said...

Thanks. I finally got to talk to the doctors today. Donn's going to need a couple more days at the hospital. Apparently they're not even sure that it's pneumonia that they're seeing on the ex rays. Whatever it is, they can't get the tightness in his chest to loosen up. He started an expectorant in his breathing treatment and I think that it's working. At least when he's at the hospital I know that he's taken care of.