Monday, February 11, 2008

Still There

Donny's still in the hospital. He didn't even switch to a different hospital. His roommate sat in the hall all day yesterday, which seems to help him keep his clothes on. At breakfast time yesterday they gave the roommate his tray and left him to feed himself. Apparently something wasn't good enough because the guy threw his tray hard enough that his glass dented the floor before shattering everywhere. From the way one lady told me the story it saounds as though Donny's lucky that the curtain stopped the flying glass from reaching him.

The saga of the roommate goes on. Yesterday it was his inconsiderate visitors that got on my nerves. They set a chair up in the doorway to the room and sat right in the way. Donny kept wanting to go for fresh air, but it meant him having to maneuver around whoever was sitting down at the time, since they wouldn't move out of the way. This wasn't so bad for me, but Donny's unsteady on his feet and he had to get himself and a walker through there. And it never occurred to these people that maybe they should move.

Last night Donny called me, all upset, because the roommate had kicked one of Donny's favorite nurses. I'm waiting to see how they deal with it. Some of this reminds me of how combative Donny can get when his ammonia levels are up. I really want to see how well they deal with combative patients.

Donny's lungs are still having a lot of problems. The pneumonia isn't too bad, we caught it early. The problem is that the emphysema is closing down his lungs. Yesterday the doctor said that Donny'll be there until they can get his lungs under control again. They're also planning on testing him to see if he needs to be on oxygen at home. We'll see how this visit goes.


mielikki said...

the nurses should be preventing anyone, or anything, from blocking the door. It's a fire hazard. Request a room change, and see if they have another one. I hope he fells better, soon.

mielikki said...

oops. Feels better. Goodness. My brain is on the fritz. Oh, and the nurse who got kicked? Unless she's really hurt, nothing will happen. I would have put the guy in leg restraints, though. I hate being kicked.