Sunday, August 31, 2008


Yesterday I started preparing for our trip to Monterey. I had a couple of loads of laundry to do, so I figured I'd get those out of the way first. Lately I've really had to keep up with the laundry since a bunch of our clothes have been missing. I started thinking about packing and went out to the garage to find an empty bin to pack nonperishable food in. Those plastic bins that say they hold 73 quarts are a great size for packing in.

So I'm going through all the bins in the garage, looking for the one that'll be easiest to empty, when I come across a bin of clothes. Not neatly folded, let's store these until we need them, clothes. No, I'm talking about haphazardly, gotta get these out of here, tossed in clothes. So I take the bin in and add the clothes to my laundry. Now I haver the bin I need, but I'm curious. So I go out and look around some more. After the third bin that I found like that I decided to quit looking. I did laundry all day long, and still had 2 loads left to deal with today. And when I say that I did laundry all day, I mean that as soon as the machines were done I was rotating laundry. Thank God we have large capacity machines, otherwise I'd never get done.

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