Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Part of the problem with posting is that I feel like nothing exciting ever happens in my life. I go to work and then I come home and take care of Donny. What is there to talk about? I suppose I could regale you with stories from work, but how excited do you get about taxes? My profession is one that I have never seen a movie about.

Last night there was finally some excitement in my life. As I sat here playing on the computer last night I heard a loud boom. At first I was going to ignore it, but then I got worried about Donny. What if something happened and he went outside to investigate and got hurt? So I went to check.

When I opened my front door I was rather surprised to see that somebody was having a bonfire on the street. And they were using crazy Dan's car for fuel instead of wood. It was an impressive sight. The car was completely engulfed in flames.

Once I saw Donny was okay I called 911 to report that a car had just exploded across the street from me. Then I went to watch, but Donny wouldn't let me go outside because he was worried that the gas tank would explode. So I stood at the door and watched for a few minutes, then I headed outside.

Despite being told that the fire department was on it's way, and being warned about the dangers, crazy Dan grabbed his hose and started trying to put out the car. When it became obvious that he wasn't going to listen I had Donny get our hose and go help him. (I was starting to worry about the fire spreading.)

By the time that the first police officer arrived they had the fire under control. Donny asked the officer to grab an extinguisher and go help them, but he never did. By the time that the fire department got there the fire was down to a few hot spots. The firemen coated everything in their chemical stuff and made sure that there were no hot spots and then they left. They probably spent a total of 5 minutes on the car.

The police are still investigating, but right now they think that some kids did it. The lady that lives with crazy Dan is pretty sure that it's gang related. Her daughter's boyfriend, who happens to live there, flies red. The house two doors down from us flies blue. She's sure that they did it. I'm sure that this is going to get ugly.

I've decided that I don't need excitement in my life. Not when it's like this.


Vanda said...

Blimey, that's the kind of excitement you don't need kiddo.

I'm not sure I've ever commented here but I do enjoy your blog. My hubby has COPD and what you write could help me in the future.

Hugs from across the pond.

mielikki said...

wow Jamie! that is a very interesting bonfire, to be sure! I find it amusing that your husband and 'Crazy Dan' did most of the work of putting the car out :)