Friday, October 19, 2007

And More Narcotics

I've been trying to think of a really great post, but I can't get past my gratefulness for percocet. On Wednesday Donny woke me up WAY too early wanting pain killers. I pointed out that it was 6 hours until his next dose and begged to go back to sleep. He let me, for a while.

Wednesday was a bad day, but Thursday was worse. When Donny's hurting he spreads the misery around liberally. Apparently I have no clue about anything because I refuse to give him more medicine than what's prescribed. Never mind the fact that it was his habit of taking too many that made the doctor ask me to take over his medicine in the first place.

So, after 2 straight days of being yelled at for not giving him extra pain killers, I cracked. On Thursday night I gave him 3 benadryls and put him to bed. It was the first night of decent rest that I'd gotten in a while. I'm considering stocking up on the stuff.

I actually shouldn't need more benadryl. We went back to the doctor today and asked for more painkillers. At one point I was muttering under my breath about how short Donny's life would be if he didn't get any more pain medicine. I think that the doctor heard me though. It was decided that since Donny's liver is already completely shot that we really don't need to worry as much about Tylenol. So Donny got a prescription for percocet.

When I took the prescription to the pharmacy the lady gave me a funny look and headed to the back where the pharmacist is. She had just looked in the computer and so I'm sure she saw that we picked up morphine on Monday for this same person. I was absolutely positive that she was going to come out and accuse me of drug seeking and refuse to give Donny his medicine. Apparently the pharmacist didn't have a problem since they filled the order without any more strange behavior. Or maybe I'm just paranoid because I read too many blogs about people who are just looking to get high.

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