Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Week In Review

I just realized that it's been a week since I last posted. I really wish that was because I had nothing going on.

My therapist is back, so occupational therapy restarted for me. It turns out that he was in the hospital. I've teased him mercilessly about running away for a vacation.

On Tuesday I took Donny to see the oral surgeon. He absolutely refuses to put Donny under general anesthesia. I can't say that I blame him. So instead he's going to give Donny a pill to relax him and then pull all his teeth. But of course that can't happen until he talks to the doctor and finds out for sure what kind of infection Donny has in his legs. I think that the blood cultures should be done now, so that shouldn't be a problem.

On Thursday I took Donny in for a follow up with our doctor about his legs. We've been there so many times lately that I'm beginning to wonder if the doctor hates to see us coming.

That afternoon he had an appointment with a doctor for Social Security. Donny thought that he'd be seeing a regular doctor, but that's not what happened. He saw a psychologist for some mental testing that they wanted done.

That appointment was actually rather interesting. It started with an interview. The doctor would ask Donny a question and then we'd sit there while he'd try to figure it out. Then the doctor would turn to me and let me know that now it was okay for me to answer. There were very few questions that Donny could answer. Even when the doctor was asking about Donny's sibling's mental health history I knew more than Donny did. I was shocked to realize how little Donny remembers now.

I was able to sit there and watch the doctor administer the tests. It was really interesting to see what Donny could do and how much was beyond his grasp. There was even one point where the doctor and I started discussing how interesting it was to see how Donny's mind processes information.

And then yesterday I had a day without Donny. I went to therapy in the morning. In the afternoon my mom and I went out to her friend's house to pick yams. The field behind this lady's house was harvested earlier in the week and the owner had said that what was left behind she could help herself to. He also said that she could let her friends help themselves as long as they understood that it was at their own risk, if they fell on the uneven ground his insurance wouldn't cover it. So now we have more yams than we'll ever eat.

Last night I had to go in to work, I thought for about an hour. When I got there I had more to do than I realized. I was printing raffle tickets when the printer stopped working. I got no error message or anything, it just wouldn't go. It took me a few minutes to figure out the problem.

If you open your printer up most likely you'll see a cable that looks like a ribbon that runs the thing with the ink cartridges back and forth. That cable had completely disintegrated and the wires inside it had frayed and snapped. The worst part is that this may end up being expensive to repair. My dad said that the part is cheap and the labor is easy, so getting one installed shouldn't be that expensive. (He's my leading authority on all things computer, since he's a programmer.) He also said that unless we know why that happened it's pointless to try and fix it. So I broke the printer at work, possibly beyond repair. Not bad for a couple hours work.

And then today I had a midterm in my tax preparer class. It was actually pretty easy, but since I never found time to study I was a nervous wreck going in. I can already tell you one thing I got wrong, it was a bonehead mistake that I made just because I was nervous.

That's what my week looked like, how was yours?

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