Monday, October 01, 2007


I spent my day beating my head against the clock. Let me tell you something, beating your head against the clock gets you nothing but a headache.

I started off by forgetting that with my grandma you need to tell her that you're walking out the door a half hour before you plan to. I said we're leaving at 9:00, we left at 9:20. And we discussed all this last night.

I got to the hospital just in time to go in and check on my husband really quick before having to leave again. I literally spent more time parking than I did in his room.

We left the hospital bound for grandma's appointment with the neurologist. The only problem was that grandma wasn't really sure where his office was. This was her first appointment and she'd failed to bring the address. Fortunately we found it and she was less than 5 minutes late to her appointment.

After that we had a short break before I had to be at my appointment. I thought that since it was lunchtime this would be a good time to eat the lunch that I'd packed. But grandma insisted that we had to go to the bank before eating. So after a couple wrong turns she found her bank and all was well. Or was it?

I think that I angered my grandmother when I insisted that my growling tummy meant that we had to stop and eat. She thought that I should be off in search of stamps. Since I was driving, I won.

After taking an entirely too long 15 minute lunch break I realized that if I didn't head to my appointment immediately I'd be late. So we were off again.

I did my physical therapy, and it was the most relaxing part of my day. I really love those therapists!

After therapy I took grandma for her head ex ray. They confirmed that her head is still there, and we decided to finally go get the stamps that she bugged me about every 15 minutes. But alas, that was not to be.

As we left the ex ray I got a call from Donny that he needed me at the hospital, so we went there. He had been given his nebulizer and needed to show me what he'd been taught about it before he forgot.

At 4:30 my grandma decides to let me know why she's been so uptight about getting her mail out. Apparently it all should have gone out last week, but she had to wait until the 1st to buy stamps. Unfortunately, she had waited until it was too late to get to a post office before it closed to mention this. So, after my panic attack, I let her know what we could do about it, and that she'd have to be happy with that.

All in all, not that bad of a day. I just wish that my whole week wasn't scheduled to be just like this.


mielikki said...

Jamie, you sure do take care of a lot of people! It sounds like you are in for a long, and busy week. I hope Grandma bought a lot of stamps.

Jamie said...

And the hits keep coming. I was going to leave a witty reply, but I just found out that I need to get ready so I can go to the grocery store before school this morning. Yep, this week oughta be fun!