Friday, January 18, 2008

Freedom of Speech

Last night I finally came home after being gone for a bit. One of the first things that I did was sit down with my mom for a chat. I've missed her. It was great to catch up on what was going on around here while we were gone.

One of the things that my mom talked to me about was the fact that my uncle found my blog. The uncle that was staying here. Apparently he got on the computer right after my mom and used her internet browser to surf the web. She had left my blog open on there and he saw it. Afterwards he talked to my mom about how hurt his feelings were that I referred to him as a pedophile.

This is why my mom is the only person in my family that has the address for this blog. This is the one and only place where I don't have to censor myself to spare somebody's feelings. I say what I want when I want because they won't know. So, if you're related to me and have stumbled on this site be forewarned. You might not like what you read. If you don't, then quit reading it, because this is my one area of free speech.

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mielikki said...

Amen, sister. None of my sisters or mother know I blog. I prefer it that way. Letting MM read it was a big deal for me. But now, he reads it everyday, and enjoys it. (thank God)