Wednesday, January 09, 2008


The last few days have been hectic. I've been working and there's been a lot that Donny has needed from me. Today is my day off and I told Donny that he could have my day. There's a list of stuff that he wants to get done that requires my attention.

We went looking for a new (used) car today. We found one that we like and have filled out some paperwork. We're waiting for word from the bank about financing the car. The salesman thinks that he can get us a loan, but it sure is taking a while. If he can do something for us then I will be getting a Ford Taurus.

My husband also wants to go spend some time staying at a motel. My uncle didn't get taken into custody when he turned himself in yesterday, so he came to stay with us until he goes in on the 18th. And on the 18th my dad's cousin gets out of jail. With any luck my aunt will be in her new place by then, otherwise the cousin will come stay with us. The good news is that dad's aunt has found a place to rent, she just needs to follow through with paperwork and moving.

All of this to say, if I disappear until the 18th, you know where I am. If I disappear past the 18th it's because I killed somebody. If that happens I'll try to get assigned to a prison with internet access. Then I could give you the low-down on prison life. A whole new kind of blog baby!


mielikki said...

oh, Jamie.
I may be in there with you for taking out a physical therapist. Perhaps we can be bunk-mates. Don't forget to pack a shiv.

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