Thursday, June 21, 2007


Do you ever feel like life is one crisis after another? The other day I realized that I'd had way too many crises lately. When grandma going to the hospital in an ambulance no longer automatically gets top billing you know there's been too many crises. Now to be fair, there was nothing life threatening wrong with her, and there was nothing that we could do for her right at that moment. In fact, when we got to the hospital we still had to wait an hour before being allowed to see her. It just struck me after the fact that we really are having way too much going on if we're prioritizing the crises that way.

And what does it say about me that there are a few people who's medical history I can rattle off better than my own? I think that my grandmother's wishes for medical care are clearer in my mind than my own are. It's amazing the things that I learned about her by staying the night with her in the hospital.

I wonder if I could successfully make a career out of going to the doctor with people. While I find it absolutely natural that I would do this for my family, I started thinking career options when a friend asked this of me. He didn't really understand what the doctors were saying to him and so he wanted some help. He had me go in with him for the exam and then I asked questions. Once I understood what the doctor was saying then we were ready to go. He just needed help asking questions. I've found that to be the biggest problem people have with their doctors.

I could offer a service that included holding your hand for the scary parts with helping you understand what's going on. I could meet with the patient ahead of time to be sure that I understood what they were needing, and then attend the appointment with them. I could even offer a service where I help explain what the doctor said to family members.

It would be difficult though, because I'd have to be very careful not to give my opinion at any time. I am not a trained medical professional, I just have a lot of experience at doctor's offices. Somehow I think that this would be a good way to get sued. Well, scrap that idea. I guess I'm back to just dealing with my family's crises.

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