Sunday, June 17, 2007


After posting elsewhere about my dad I thought that I'd put a little bit in here about I think my dad's great.


He always worked hard to provide for his family. And I have always known that my daddy would hand me the world on a silver platter if he could. He's always wanted better for my sister and I.

He's not afraid to let his love for my mom show. He still looks at her all moon eyed like some high school kid when he thinks no one's looking.

He taught me about God's love. That's the best gift he ever gave me.

He gave me a love of books. And my teacher's always said it showed. I can go anywhere and be anyone when I open a book. How wonderful that he taught me that world exists.

He encouraged curiosity. He's the one that taught my sister and I to "experiment" in the kitchen. Sis is better at it, but I'm learning. He also taught me that curiosity isn't confined to the kitchen. That I should always be asking questions.

He always spoke to me as if I were intelligent enough to understand him. It's amazing how even little kids know when you're talking down to them. Because dad treated me as intelligent I believed that I was. That made school easier.

He taught me that only boring people get bored. This led to me being able to entertain myself for hours at a time with nothing more than my brain. Talk about fostering creativity!

He taught me how to run backwards. For some reason that lesson has always stuck out in my mind when I think about how wonderful my dad is. Probably because it was one of those perfect days where dad had nothing better to do than spend all day with the family. He took my sister and I to the park under the school and taught me how to run backwards because I wanted to push my sister on the swing.

But best of all, he's always there, always loving me, and nothing could ever change that. Talk about security!

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