Friday, June 15, 2007

More El Slurpo

I'm actually worried about this guy. No matter how badly he gets on my nerves, nobody should live the way that he does. The only problem is figuring out how to help him. How do you force an adult to change their lifestyle, or should you even try?

This guy lives in an apartment in some senior housing. I've had to go there and deliver stuff to him a couple of times. He is a pack rat. His bed is in the living room because the bedroom is full of stuff. There is a path from the door that leads to his bed, the kitchen sink, and the bathroom.

I've never gone very far in so I'm not sure about the rest of the house, but the living room is anywhere from waist high to shoulder high in books and papers. He says that he eats all his meals out so there's no mess in the kitchen. I can see in there enough to know that he does have books and papers in there, but I can't tell about food type messes.

He's now talking about leaving everything to my dad. This means that when he passes away it would be our problem to clean up his mess. Not just the apartment, but the multiple storage units as well. There's at least three full of stuff. The other day he had two truckloads of books delivered by some friends and they went directly into storage.

I will never understand his need to accumulate things. It just baffles my mind. I wish that I knew some way to make him stop hoarding stuff, since it's so unhealthy for him, not to mention a fire hazard.

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