Thursday, June 21, 2007


I talked to one of my aunts today. It's always great to get a reminder about how messed up my family is. I swear that we could provide Jerry Springer with shows for at least a year. And that's not going beyond those of us descended from my grandparents.

The aunt that I talked to isn't part of the messed up ones, although I suspect that life's not perfect for her. Then again, who is it perfect for? She asked me how some of my family is doing, and I honestly didn't know how to respond.

When you're family members are making lifestyle choices that you don't necessarily approve of, and you know they would shock the other person, what can you say? She wants to know how they're doing, but I have no info that should be passed on. When more than an assurance that everybody is well is wanted you really need a few details to give.

Several people in my generation are behaving in a way that would shock and/or upset my parents generation. But they think it's cool. Yes, I can see that you're happy with your life how it is. And I'm happy for you. But please give me news that I can pass on. When our whole conversation is stuff that you don't want repeated I'm stuck in the position of having to politely brush people off.

And if you're that happy in your new lifestyle, why can't everybody know? Do you not trust that the older generation will love and support you no matter what? Can you not see that I'm closer to them only because I'm honest about myself with them? They love me anyway, and it's not a matter of favoritism. In fact, the one that you say favors me has said outright that you are the favored one. In fact, although several in the older generation have admitted to having favorites, I was never named.

And while we're discussing this, please don't give me details. It's one thing to say what kinds of things you're in to. It's something else entirely to give me the personal details. Honestly, I don't want to know. When I said I didn't want to know I wasn't just making a token protest.

And if you're arguing with each other, please leave me out of it. Each one of you calls me to vent. Please don't do that. Do you have any idea how stuck in the middle of your drama I get? And then you want me to move closer? How would I ever escape the drama that way? My life has enough drama that I don't need to borrow yours.

Above all else, remember that I love you, all of you. Please keep in mind that the other people who are playing along in your drama fest are people that I also love. And just leave me out of it.

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