Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Today has been used for perfecting my rhubarb pie recipe. My dad has been asking for a plain rhubarb pie for a long time. Have you ever tried to find a rhubarb pie recipe that has no other fruit in it? The only ones that I could find were for a custard type pie, not what dad was wanting. This is what led to me trying to make up a recipe.

The first pie had issues. The rhubarb had a bit of a crunch to it. Plus, it was rather runny. The juice that's supposed to thicken and hold the fruit in never gelled. I think I didn't use enough corn starch. This led to soggy crust issues.

After much discussion I decided to try again today. So now I have a pie in there cooling. I'm hoping that it's better. When dad comes home tonight he can try it and tell me what he thinks. Precooking my filling seems to have fixed my previous problems. Now I'm waiting to find out if there are new problems.

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